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I'm Sara and I live with my boyfriend in MI. I have Celiac disease and I live a completely gluten free lifestyle. I decorate cakes for a living. I love video games, my cats, my dog, cosplay, getting tattoos, and SuperWhoLock. This is my blog thing! I post journal entries, photos, art, etc.


tyrannosaurusawesome asked
Hey I saw your Deadpool tattoo design and I really liked it and was hoping to get it myself. I just wanted to make sure that you'd be alright with it and that I would be able to properly credit the artist if anyone asked.

Absolutely! But please send me a picture if you get it done, I would love to see it. I haven’t gotten it on myself yet, but maybe someday!


so the first four hoards were so popular that theyve become kind of on ongoing series ! some of the ones here feature the commissioners ocs and personal items, but ALL of them involve things very dear to me: weird lizards on piles of junk